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Convention Hotel Hong Kong

Just a short stroll to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre within 10 minute walk, you are ready to meet the buyers and business partners all over the World. Convention and Exhibitions visitors can explore more on the leisure information website during your stay at in this convention hotel which is specially designed for your stay in Hong Kong.


Dec 2015 to Feb 2016
24/12/2015 – 27/12/2015 Mega Showcase | 13th Hong Kong Mega Showcase 2015
11/1/2016 – 12/1/2016 Asian Licensing Conference
11/1/2016 – 14/1/2016 HKTDC Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair
18/1/2016 – 19/1/2016 Asian Financial Forum
18/1/2016 – 21/1/2016 HKTDC Hong Kong Fashion Week for Fall/Winter
25/2/2016 – 28/2/2016 香港毛皮展 - Hong Kong Fur Federation